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Facilitating Healing, Growth and Transformation

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It's easy to take for granted our body and health when nothing is screaming "I'm out of balance. I hurt. Fix me!" 

The body communicates through pleasure, pain and dis-ease.

Take the time to balance the flow of energy throughout your body; create the space for healing; relax and release stress, tension and pain. Reconnect and integrate body, mind and spirit.

One-on-one approach


Healing is an unraveling process; it has many layers encompassing the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. I work with clients using a customized one-on-one approach, creating the space for changing patterns and establishing inner unity, balance and health.


Classical Acupuncture, Zen Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Sound Alchemy, Energy Healing, Shamanism, Spiritual Counseling, Ceremonies & Rituals

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When we connect with ourselves with reflection we can access the tools needed to  enable change.

Habits become patterns, formed by doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result. Change is inevitable, however with awareness change can occur by choice.

Once  we shed light on any situation, we can find our way through it. Light guides us and transforms a given situation with understanding